Whisky Galore


Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 40%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 65%
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Eddie Izzard as Captain Wagget
James Cosmo as Macalister the Minister
Sean Biggerstaff as Sergeant Odd
Tim Pigott-Smith as Woolsey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by justincward 5 / 10

Pretty, gentle, tame, forgettable remake. Better than 'Dad's Army'.

'At the height of WWII', the remote Outer Hebridean island of Todday (IRL Portsoy, near Aberdeen) runs out of whisky. Then, the RMS Cabinet Minister is wrecked, with a cargo of 50,000 cases of whisky and the abdicated King Edward VIII's love letters on board. The islanders band together to thwart attempts by the local Home Guard commander and customs to find the bottles. Also, the postmaster's two beautiful daughters are getting married and need whisky for the celebrations. (Cue idyllic Celtfest wedding scene)

WG is beautiful to look at, the sense of period is pretty good, and once you get used to the slow pace and lack of any LOL moments, it passes the time quite pleasantly. Don't expect anything more. The shipwreck is quite a while in coming, and the raid on the wreck has to wait for Sunday to pass. Towards the end there's a car chase at about 20mph.

My two problems with WG are (1) the number of characters whose stories all seem to to be of the same importance - there's no central character like Bombolini in 'The Secret of Santa Vittoria', and (2) the sanitised, prosperous, oh-so-comfortable lifestyle they all enjoy. In the wedding scene, there are dozens of lights strung over the square. Where, I might ask, does a remote Scottish island in the middle of WWII get all that power from? Where do they all get the petrol for their jaunts everywhere? There's absolutely no sense of the islanders having any hardship at all. All that's at stake is two minor characters' weddings, and the free whisky. Not much to hang a drama on.

Also, Gregor Fisher and Eddie Izzard ham it up. Some may find this funny.

Reviewed by nlaing1 9 / 10

A lovely wee "shot" of a different time and culture

This lovely and humorous little production of a classic tale really made my Saturday night, I came out both invigorated and satisfied. I chuckled and tutted (at the characters) along with the whole audience, and I could feel others tapping their feet along, or really enjoying the music.

Gregor Fisher proves himself a masterful comedic character actor again, playing a grumpy but wily father and postmaster in the lead role. Eddie Izzard deserves commendation for given depth to a character screaming to be either played as an outright fool, or as a serious and glum two dimensional character. The rest of the cast are fantastic and skillfully directed.

Overall I would recommend this movie to any lovers of independent feel good movies, it definitely reminded me of how I felt upon leaving a screening of Amelie years ago. Very family friendly, and an ideal antithesis to the stream of ridiculous Hollywood action movies of the Fast and furious 8, triple x ilk.

And regarding people saying it didn't need to be remade, how preposterous to review a production this way. Stories are retold constantly, its the nature of the beast. One of the beautiful things about the cinema and theatre is the diversity in which a simple tale can be re-imagined, bring it to life in new ways. I can only assume this opinion come from purists who love the original so much they would hate to see anything even slightly different, so any real opinion on this production is unbelievably biased.

I never give 10/10, because I would reserve that for such amazing pieces of cinema like the Godfather and alike. So understand 9/10 is a very good score.

Reviewed by James Kevins 9 / 10

Fantastic Fun Scottish Film

Fully enjoyed this film. Took the whole family out to see this at the cinema a couple of months ago and enjoyed by my kids and my mum who is 70 - can't remember the last time that happened! Very funny little story, well performed and took me back to my childhood of being on holiday at my grandparents up in Scotland and the many characters of their village. Definitely worth a watch if you like slightly 'harmless' comedies (in that the whole family can watch it), with a simple story that anyone can follow. Only thing I would say is that I haven't seen the original so can't measure that like others might, but either way a good watch.

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