The Snow Queen 3


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Aleksandra Horvath 8 / 10

The Trolls Who Troll

The first Snow Queen story by the Russian animated studio Wizart came into being in 2012. Now, in four years after the first premiere, we can see colossal evolution of the Russian animation. The graphics and the characters clean-up have improved – now we see brighter colors, more interesting costumes, and more scenic locations. Of course, there is nothing left of the initial story of Kai and Gerda, children living next door to one another, from Hans Christian Andersen's fairytale. The teenagers from the new story have grown up, acquired more difficult tempers, lost their parents, but gained a huge experience in the show business. Then, as one would expect, the brother's and the sister's paths separated. She, like any girl, chose to follow her heart as well as the new guy called Rollan, whereas Kai became an animated downshifter – a pirate artist. Both the family division and excessive curiosity placed the whole Troll Country under a threat. It is worth mentioning that the participation of the Hollywood screenwriter Robert Lence and the Comedy Club show stars turned out very useful – the movie became funnier but sometimes, like in all Russian masterpieces, this went a little bit too far. It should also be pointed out that the Russian animation is becoming interesting abroad too: releases in Korea, Bulgaria, Turkey and countries of the Middle East are planned for the beginning of 2017. I would like to wish successful distribution to The Snow Queen and a great enjoyable time watching the movie – to the audience.

Reviewed by Alice Baun 9 / 10

Magic Tradition

Traditions mean a lot to Russia. There aren't many of them, but each is very warm and cozy. That's how, back in 2012, the first Snow Queen animated movie appeared – it won children's hearts at once as well as made adults believe in magic and hope to see its sequel… Time passes… So, at the end of 2016, the third instalment of the franchise was released already.

Some people anticipated it, others were a bit worried – as we're always a little afraid to get disappointed in something we like. Fortunately, that didn't happen but let's start from the beginning…

There's no point in re-telling the plot, as a lot of people have already seen the movie or read other reviews. I'd rather share my impressions and emotions with you instead.

What I liked most of all was the fact that the characters had grown up, they encountered problems that I think everyone does encounter, and faced a really hard choice between good and evil. I think I needed more drama and the characters' inner feelings, but the image itself compensated really well. The audience watches its bright colors and fantastic nature sceneries during the whole movie length, so I caught myself thinking that I wouldn't have guessed that The Snow Queen 3 is a Russian movie if I hadn't known it in the beginning.

I'd like to mention the music separately. The soundtrack is very positive and stays in your head for a long time after you've left the movie theater.

In short, I'd recommend the movie to those who wants to keep their New Year and Christmas mood going for longer, to have a good time, and just to get absorbed in the world of magic fairy tales.

Reviewed by lordlebu 10 / 10

Loved the movie through and through

The movie was excellent and the theme as nice. Its good to see other studios outside Pixar and Disney.

I genuinely liked the art style of the movie.

The movie had interesting mixture of comedy and action and a fiery ending with a big battle. I wish the movie had more Slavic characters.

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