River of Darkness


Action / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 5%
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Kevin Nash as Jayden Jacobs
Kurt Angle as Sheriff Will Logan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Betty White 1 / 10

absolutely pathetic!!

before me, there where 5 users who voted this an average of 7.5/10?!? What is the world coming to if anybody actually thought that this movie was watching? Were the crew voting for themselves perhaps? this movie was such a waste of time and in the end I couldn't even make it to the finish before turning it off. Kurt Angle obviously has serious skill as a wrestler but as an actor he is seriously lacking. unfortunately, he was not even the worse thing about this *cough* "film" *cough* the script/dialog is just pitiful. There is one line from an actor where she says that the bad guys eyes were RED, yet when they show close-ups of Kevin Nash's character his eyes are yellow/orange... the story, pathetic. The casting is a joke - i've seen better acting with more personality from a 1st grade school play. Kurt Angle as the lead was stiffer then a plank of wood yet when he is doing his wrestling promos, he comes across with so much passion and personality. Then the 'special effects' / makeup department... oh my god... in todays age this should just not be allowed. Anybody involved in this abysmal attempt at cinema should be embarrassed enough to crawl under a rock and never come out again. I cannot remember attempting to watch any other film which was this bad, especially considering this site shows they had a budget of $3.26 million, where you look at a movie like Paranormal Activity made in 2007 for an estimated $15K that turned out to be a fantastic movie. Please I implore anybody, do not waste time on this garbage

Reviewed by thegolgothashow 5 / 10

This film is scary for the wrong reasons....

...the reason being that it was made at all. If your a wrestling fan looking for the novelty of seeing Kurt Angle, Sid Vicious and Kevin Nash outside of the ring then please realise....its not worth it. Nash and Sid are unrecognisable and rarely out of the darkness and Kurts acting is so appalling you will turn away and cringe so you wont see him much either.

In fact if you doubt that fact check out the other movies starring Kurt. He's an unbelievable athelete and in my opinion the greatest all rounder in the history of wrestling but outside the the ring he falls apart and cannot be taken seriously.

The acting is beyond awful, the special effects are preschool and the storyline is recycled. There is nothing good to say about this film and I hope all involved are ashamed of themselves.

Reviewed by maddy232323 1 / 10

worst movie ever

oh..come on! seriously??? worst film ever... oh my god...i just cannot believe it! everything about the movie was terrible.

At one point, I actually thought that it was a horror/comedy. But turns out that it's not.

you've gotta be kidding me to actually call this a movie and release it. seriously. I would not even want to get paid to watch this movie another time. horrendous.

Didn't the maker of this movie even watch this once, before he actually went on to release it? oh my god...seriously, this has got to be a joke or something.

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