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Jack Huston as Liam Price
Brit Marling as McKenzie Grain
Alexander Fehling as Erik Alder
Lambert Wilson as Daniel S. Volpe
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by masoudir 10 / 10

as expected from Brit Marling

It a shame that there is very few reviews about this fantastic movie.

I am becoming a fan of Brit Marling as watching her works. There is always some sort of mystery behind stories that i have so far seen played by Brit Marling. This movie is not a difference. While it seems as an ordinary comedy movie. But it is not. There is some mystery behind it.

The movie makes you think. It combines different senses, those senses that you may not realize their existing. It is not a pure love story neither a Drama.

The other thing the i realize is its similarities with the titanic movie. Not the story itself, but some feelings that you get with titanic. I hope you see this too.

It is also worth noting that while the movie seems predictable, it has some lovely surprises.

Good work.

Reviewed by emlohary 8 / 10

Great movie. Watch it

I loved this movie. I think that it is very under rated. I loved the characters. Jack Houston as Liam and Brit Marling as McKenzie were complex and great together. I loved Jack Houston as a leading man. I found that i wanted to watch it again as soon as it was over.

It is a simple romantic story, but not predictable. It is not the most original story. A tortured artist. A reporter personally involved in the story. But it didn't feel old. It felt new. I liked the pace at which this story was told. It allowed me to fall in love with both characters.

I loved the music in this movie. It matched the feeling and the vibe perfectly.

I have not seen either of these actors before, but i will be looking for them both now.

Overall, i just thought it was very well done.

Reviewed by TheNeel 7 / 10

deepest emotions represented with the lightest touch... beautiful

The Pandora express.. very soothing style of storytelling, the story is simple (kind of) but I felt it to be beautifully told..

A misunderstanding starts the story through which the protagonist starts to receive what he thought he always wanted.. by the end of the story he got what he never knew he was missing..

I felt the film explores the idea of ambitions and desires, how these contradict but either doesn't necessarily be a bad thing and how they amends with time and become something different..

The music is beautiful. The acting is ordinary. It has a happy ending.

A certain secondary character felt neglected by the film.

Ignoring that and considering it's just 93mins it is most definitely worth a watch.

I recommend it for people of all age groups. Thumbs Up,

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