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Kirsten Dunst as Judy Shepherd
Robin Williams as Alan Parrish
Patricia Clarkson as Carol Parrish
Bonnie Hunt as Sarah Whittle
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Dolphin-14 10 / 10


There is only one way to describe Jumanji: excellent. The plot is very, original, with outstanding concepts packed into each individual scene. After viewing this movie, the wild side of the jungle gets into you, making you want to dare to play the game. Although the computer animation may not look all that real, I still give this movie a 10/10, for an outstanding plot, casting, and spirit, which any great movie has.

Reviewed by golem3 10 / 10

Jumanji – a timeless adventure story

There are few children's movies that I particularly enjoyed – I can recount The Borrowers, Labyrinth and The Neverending Story. Jumanji, however takes a new place among children's films – in fact, it may seem that initially, Jumanji is about simplistic story about kids playing a board game. Based on a gorgeous picture book story of the same name by Chris Van Allsberg, this movie takes a beautiful magical adventure and makes it into a thrill ride that defies all natural laws.

Time travel, physical transformations, perceptual distortions and multiple universes are just a few of the things that Jumanji toys with. The most evident phenomena is that the characters run in two different and parallel universes, one where Jumanji exists, and the other where it is just a dream. The life of Judy and Peter as orphans exists in a different world from the one where Jumanji doesn't exist – in other words, Jumanji is a catalyst of fate, an evil entity that does not bring about awe as it did in Allsberg's book, but fear. The world that Allen Parrish is doomed to be incarcerated in the jungles of Jumanji is another one, but that period of time is nonexistent in the world he will eventually live in. This is the beauty of the movie; that these characters can only allow their trauma and epiphanies to cross worlds. With each roll of the dice, the characters grow and change.

The ending with 'Jumanji' is mark of the end of that universe – everything that the jungle world had yielded, from the colonist-hunter Van Pelt to the roaring stampede and the monkeys had to return, to be sealed into the game and the universe. The game controls life; but it is merciful when played to the end without cheating.

The mental agony and pain must have been tremendous for the Parrishes. Presumably, Alan spent his twenty six years in the jungle, but returned to his old self only to again relive his life as if it never happened. The temporal distortion must have presumably had an effect on his parents, although only Sarah seems to notice. (She was playing the game – and only those playing are directly affected, but in the game universe of Judy and Peter we see a problem in the movie's understanding of temporal change)

The power of fate in deciding the endgame was critical in the film. It seems that the game was in itself a game of a game; it was all planned out and ready to go. In fact, it also seems that no matter how crazy or perilous the situation is, the characters cannot be killed. Even Van Pelt says at the Sir Sav A Lot that "I am hunting only Alan. I won't kill you, since you didn't roll" He too is bound to the rules of the game, no matter how much of a colonialist he is. The game instills a high level of fear without death, in order for the game to continue, all the characters must be present. So in one way, no one need be scared of anything in the game. Instead, the game builds resilience in the characters.

It was natural that in the end the end was initiated by the future; or more appropriately the past. At the end, both Sarah and Alan make up for the trouble they have caused and have a life bond from the experience. The jumping between 1994 and 1964 is a critical aspect where we see that the horrors of the game have allowed Judy and Peter's parents to not die in the ski accident. They are oddly willing to put an end to their vacation when they hardly know the Parrishes…

"In the jungle, you must wait, until you roll a five or eight" – Jumanji "Roll a two, roll a four, but never ask for more" – Gautam

RATING: 10/10 (amazing)

Reviewed by Kurt 10 / 10

A breathless unforgettable adventure!

I remember I watched this movie a few years back. I always wanted to see the movie again, and I finally did that today. Strange that this movie has alway been on top of my mind...

This movie is amazing! It has everything; comedy, love, adventure.

Shortly after the movie started, your mind will be sucked into the story.


10 out of 10 from me!

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