Cars 3


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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 68%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 71%
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Armie Hammer as Jackson Storm
Owen Wilson as Lightning McQueen
Paul Newman as Doc Hudson
Kerry Washington as Natalie Certain
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by JT Adam 1 / 10

apart from good graphics, not much excitement here

I wanted to like this movie based on the earlier ones and took my kids... was I wrong, it was awful. The whole movie is based on the red car trying to get his mojo back because he's too old or needs work, and in the end he basically quits. And still gets called the "winner." I don't like to overly analyze movies or entertainment and will watch and enjoy things with any reasonable message about self-empowerment, until that entertainment tries to shove a ridiculous message at people --- defeatist. More or less inane level propaganda, and about how NOT to succeed at something at that. If you want to see a real comeback movie, and one that makes a little sense, just rent any Rocky. 1 through 7 (or whatever they are on....) There are tons of other good ones.

Reviewed by elviratrevino 1 / 10

Not what I was expecting

Not what I was expecting, *spoiler alert* franchise killed lightning McQueen, he never recovers to race again. Huge disappointment for my son, it was literally the death of lightning McQueen.

Lightning McQueen then goes on to become the youngest trainer in history bringing to an end his career as lightning McQueen. McQueen gives his position to a trainer that is older than the newer model Jackson Storm, she happens to be a girl. So my son is waiting for hero to pull through and then gets shot down by McQueen giving up. The spot McQueen gives up is won by a trick and not by speed. My son is not going to cheer for a new when the old is no more. Definitely early death of number 95. Very depressing movie. The trailer was definitely misleading.

Reviewed by D-Mom 1 / 10


There are so many disappointments with this film, I don't know where to begin. So I'll start here…first, the tag-line that, "you can't turn back time, but you can wind it up again" is not mentioned at all by any character in this film. As it turns out, Lightning can't wind it up again. **SPOILER ALERT** In fact, he is too old to finish the race and needs a young girl car to do it for him. Did Disney not learn anything from The Simpsons?? You don't have to age animated characters. From the previews, I was led to believe that Lightning would wreck, overcome his impediments to win the race and show us all that we can do anything we put our minds to. Instead, Disney, was so busy being PC by making a girl win that they actually WERE being ageist. When you pay to see Lightning win, and he doesn't cross that finish line, you have failed as writers. I will now move on to the poor characterization of Cruz. From the color chosen for her, her dialogue, her lack of humor or connection-she was flat.

Doesn't Disney have ENOUGH female heroes-heroines?? Did they have to retire one of the very FEW males-Lightning?? This was a colossally stupid decision.

I guess Disney did not consult any child psychologists-or anyone with children-to find out that boys like cars more than girls. They have effectively ended their franchise. I feel the fizzle out coming. So much for the next generation of Lightning McQueen fans-I doubt many girls are going to be asking for race tracks with Cruz for Christmas.

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