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Chris Hemsworth as Nick Hathaway
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kayserkilian 1 / 10

Extremely disappointing


Even tho the movie is rather long, it invests almost no time into character development.

1.1 Chris Hemsworth is left with a role that is neither likable, nor interesting, and I have never heard one line of good dialogue from him throughout the whole thing (same for every character here). He's supposed to be a genius hacker, but if we wouldn't be told that all the time, nobody would recognize him as either a genius or a hacker. He's just an attractive dude who knows a thing or 2 about codes. SPOILER: Also, in the end, he solves all his problems just by primitive physical force. Wow. what a hacker.

1.2 The Chick and the love affair... it doesn't get more flat than that. It really doesn't. She is also supposed to be a great IT specialist or something like that. But we barely see any of those skills either.

1.3 The Bad Guy, well... I hoped for the entire movie that he would make the difference when he appears. But he didn't. He was just a one dimensional greedy cliché.

1.4 The supporting characters are no better. Like that black government lady. Saying "I lost someone on 9/11" shortly before she dies is an absolutely desperate attempt to give her character (that was emotionally completely meaningless before) some depth and make her death more tragic. Another Michael Mann movie, where this technique worked really well was "Heat". In "Blackhat it just didn't work one bit.


In the first half, the movie raises a few questions and sets up some mysteries. I actually liked that, but only because I wanted to see the puzzles solved creatively and unexpectedly. SPOILER AGAIN!... turns out the bad guy hacked a nuclear power plant (!) and the stock market (!!!) TO PRACTICE (?????) for some rusty engines somewhere in Malaysia. I'm not gonna lie, I bursted out laughing in the theatre at that point, and a few other people were even joining me.


...ok but who cares? That would have been the icing on the cake if the movie itself was good, yes. But that fact alone doesn't make it a good movie or anything.

So that's it. I'm really confused about the many positive feedbacks here. I can not imagine how anyone could give this movie more than 3 stars. I can't even give it 2...

Absolute waste of time and a talented director and cast...

Reviewed by trublu215 1 / 10

Blackhat is not only disappointing, its embarrassing

Blackhat is the latest from maverick director Michael also happens to be his worst film ever. Yes, I am even factoring in The Keep. It is THAT bad. Starring Chris Hemsworth and Viola Davis, this film is a misfire and criminally misuses a talented cast and a talented crew. Nick is a furloughed convict trying to nail a destructive hacker who is damaging the financial stabilities of countries all around the world. Now, on the list of people better suited for this role, Chris Hemsworth shouldn't even be on this list. Watching him as a hacker is as painful as watching Adam Sandler in drag seduce Al Pacino. Working off a screenplay from Morgan Davis Foehl, Mann seems to focus more on having the shakiest hand-held cinematography not in a Paranormal Activity film than actually telling a coherent story with good characters. And for those of you who were expecting Michael Mann to deliver a film like Heat or The Insider, you will walk away from this thoroughly disappointed. The action is short, rare and very tame while the scenes that are attempting to explain what the hell is going on are so convoluted, long and boring that it creates a very uneven film that borders unwatchable. One of the biggest gripes I have with this film is the cinematography. It is entirely too shaky for a film like this and, on a serious note, reminded me more of End of Watch. While that style fit End of Watch perfectly, it doesn't fit this film. It doesn't make it look gritty, it just makes it look painfully under-produced and underfunded. Overall, Mann's Blackhat serves as one of the biggest disappointments in recent memory considering the fact this is Michael Mann we're talking about here...the guy who did Heat, Thief and Collateral. Unfortunately, if this is the best Mann has to offer, I fear it is only going to get worse as time goes on. Blackhat is underdeveloped, unrealistic, and filmed terribly. Watcher beware!!!

Reviewed by grandmastersik 1 / 10

Slow, boring, uninteresting and a waste of time

I think that about sums this film up.

Some hacker who most will recognise as the god of thunder is released from prison by his bestie, to help track down some faceless cyber-criminal. An hour and a half in, we're still none the wiser as to what's going on, but do know that the released hacker is free to run around the globe as he pretty much spearheads the investigation... which, sadly, is even less entertaining than watching YouTube videos on how to write HTML.

His best mate from university also just so happens to have a semi-hot sister with dodgy English tagging along, and while it's understandable that, having been banged up for some time, our hacker is very likely to jump on the first thing in a skirt, her interest in him seems like a bizarre Chinese experiment on how to have a relationship in which there is zero chemistry.

There's some US Marshall assigned to keep the hacker in line, but that doesn't include stopping him from going around cutting open people's faces with broken bottles in restaurants, or interfering with crime scenes when their main suspect has been removed from the equation under suspicious circumstances.

Our hacker is also 10x smarter than the entire Hong Kong police force, a krav magra expert, quite nifty with a firearm and the all-round hero, being the first to go into a reactor after some kind of meltdown. Given his skillset, he could have just hacked into MI6, gotten a fancy watch and car full of gadgets and lived out the rest of his days as 007.

Seriously, the film is god-awful and for a huge fan of action films like myself to want to press the stop button in the middle of the first real fire-fight, something has to be very wrong.

As it happens, I couldn't endure much longer after that and came here to write this instead, because telling others how I turned this tedious dross off seemed like a much better way to spend my time than sitting through the rest of the film to see what happens in the end... which is something I really couldn't care about.

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