Alyce Kills


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hi_im_manic 8 / 10

Into the abysmal maw.

Carole and Alyce are young, urban women and very close friends. Each of them is having a bad day.

Alyce is socially obscure and on the brink of losing her job and home, while the enviable Carole finds out that her boyfriend is cheating on her with other girls. Looking to take the edge off, the young women drink plenty of wine then go to Carole's drug dealer for some spirit-lifting ecstacy. Afterwards, they go to the 4th/5th floor roof of Alyce's apartment building, becoming more intoxicated and goofing around. Carole climbs onto the ledge of the roof, and Alyce runs up to prank-scare her. Carole tragically falls off the roof. Realizing what has happened, a distraught and foggy-headed Alyce returns to her apartment certain that her coveted best friend is dead. After officers come to question her, she discovers that Carole has barely survived the incident but is critically injured and disfigured.

Alyce is quickly consumed by overwhelming guilt, and begins experiencing ghostly hallucinations about her friend. She turns to the very substances that led to the accident for "comfort", and one drug is rapidly replaced by even stronger drugs. With a sociopathic drug dealer administering his special brand of social philosophy as her only connection to others, she changes. No longer the guilt-ridden depressee she was, she reveals herself as something depraved, cold and sinister.

The first half of this story could be viewed as a simple cautionary tale. But just as the primary character transforms, so does the whole story. It is difficult to categorize the film because the genre is constantly evolving the shifting.

This film is not what is presents itself to be initially, and neither is the lead character. What emerges is a gruesome, cold-blooded killing spree and complete madness. Three characters who are likely targets for the killing spree are spared, while others are indiscriminately slaughtered. I'm not sure of the reasoning. One character is hacked to bits and ground into mush, but I see the reasoning behind the action.

The main casts acting was convincing enough to earn credibility, thought was put into characters and their development. Buckle up and enjoy this dark ride!

7.5. Original and intriguing!

Reviewed by trashgang 7 / 10

the downward spiral

Alyce is a strange kind of flick. It isn't that easy to say what kind of genre this really is. It starts as a normal flick that changes into a ghost story to turn into a mobster kind of story and finally in pure horror.

Jay Lee, the director already made a few horrors like The Slaughter (2006) and the much more known Zombie Strippers! (2008). So he clearly knew his stuff. But this time the flick doesn't start immediately with horror. The first 20 minutes you really get to know the two main characters, Alyce (Jade Dornfield) and her best friend Caroll ( Tamara Feldman as seen in Hatchet). But Alyce is the ice queen and doesn't like what she is seeing. After becoming very dark she pushes her best friend off the wall by accident. Thinking she's death she informs the police what happened with a lie. But then the police tells her her best friend isn't death. From there on Alyce becomes paranoid (the ghost part) and do needs drugs like she used to take with Caroll. While taking drugs she's really losing her mind and goes berserk. Once that happens this flick turns into a pure gory horror. And by that I mean that it isn't for the easy offended or the squeamish. Gore hounds will love the last part of Alyce. But by going over the top with the gory parts it even comes close to comedy. The way Alyce reacts is sometimes a bit funny.

On part of the gore the effects used are sublime. It really becomes messy. And just have a look at the faces being hurt, it really looks like the real stuff. Sadly by being a slow starter and dropping a bit down in the middle of the flick I can't say that I recommend it to the gorehounds. They just have to watch the final.

Jade Dornfeld did an excellent job here. She's really believable. I must say that I loved this more then Zombie Strippers! because you keep watching and really want to know what is going on with Alyce. But the problem is that the distribution of Alyce wasn't that good. It was out on the shelves for a while but didn't had any promo in specialized mags and nowadays it is almost unfindable in the shops but do search it on the web. It's worth your money. This was a big surprise for a horror buff like me.

Gore 4/5 Nudity 1/5 Effects 4/5 Story 3/5 Comedy 1/5

Reviewed by sbrazie 7 / 10

Fun Horror/Thriller with Some Comedy

Stop watching, rating and reviewing horror films unless you are a fan of the genre! As a general rule, I always assume a horror film is good if it gets at least a five on IMDb. That's because you can assume most of the people rating it don't like horror, so the low ratings from the anti-horror raters are balanced out by the higher ratings from those of us who appreciate it. This is a wonderful turn on the psycho-killer sub-genre. Alyce is an attractive, somewhat withdrawn young woman who pretty much leads her life as an extension of her best friend with whom she obviously has more than a "friendly" attraction. After an evening of partying and drug use, she accidentally pushes her best friend off of a roof prompting her descent into depravity. She is obviously unbalanced from the first scene, so it is extremely believable that she is pushed over the edge herself after losing her best friend at her own hand. The rest is grisly, morbid fun. Jade Dornfeld is excellent, sexy, and extremely plausible as the crazy girl who is suddenly a drug addict, prostitute, necrophiliac, and killer all at once while developing a new sense of self-confidence. Definitely a 7 out of 10 - a must for horror fans.

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