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Denise Richards as Gretchen Blair
Dolph Lundgren as Matthew Sharpe
John Posey as Pilot
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by russangel 7 / 10

What an enjoyable load of rubbish.

It was a disaster really,but for some reason I just went with the flow and totally decided to get into the spirit of things and enjoyed it.Sometimes you have to think "This movie is bad",but is it possible to enjoy a bad movie?,Hell yes,put your feet up and chill out for an hour and a half and forget about life for a change,you may even enjoy it you never know.Denise Richards is still worth a look at least.

Reviewed by rob602 1 / 10

Garbage as usual anything with Dolf

Denise Richards has the worst upside down smile ever when she isn't smiling. Showing her age badly. I love the parts in the movie when the passengers are on oxygen and the hijackers are wearing dust masks. Are audiences really that stupid these days? It really pisses us of that you think so. Just bad. Very very bad. B actors, Has been actresses. waste of a percentage of your life to sit through it.

Reviewed by Paul Magne Haakonsen 3 / 10

A non-exciting and predictable hijacking movie...

You know that this is going to be one of those movies, yet there is just something that makes you want to sit down and watch it. And now that I have, I wish that I listened to the voice in the back of the head that said "don't".

Granted that the movie stars Denise Richards and has Dolph Lundgren along on the ride for someone to lure in an audience, then the movie never really got up into a gear that makes it particularly watchable or entertaining.

The story in "Altitude" is about a hijacking of an airplane, and that is essentially the core of the story. But wait, hasn't this been seen a million times before in other movies? Yes it has! So do "Altitude" offer anything new or exciting to the genre? No!

Denise Richards trots through the movie on auto-pilot, but that doesn't necessarily make the performance any more interesting. And Dolph Lundgren had only a minor role in the movie, and when he was on the screen he sort of was displaying an attitude of not really wanting to be on set for that movie.

"Altitude" is horribly predictable and offers no plot twists or surprises anywhere. As such, it just march on at a very monotonous pace. And there are far better movies available if you enjoy a good airplane hijacking movie.

The movie wasn't dealt a very advantageous hand from the very beginning, and director Alex Merkin hardly managed to lift the movie up and make it outstanding in any way.

Furthermore, should you manage to sit through the entire movie, like I did, then chances are slim to none that you will return to "Altitude" for a second viewing.

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