3 Nights in the Desert


Action / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 40%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 69%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chrisheaney 10 / 10

Heartfelt movie on old friendships

We grow up. We change. And yet we often want our friends to stay the same. Or better yet, to make up for how they may have hurt us a long time ago. Sometimes we get that, sometimes we don't, and sometimes the fiercest, most passionate friendships come to blows. 3 Days in the Desert is a heartfelt story about those sorts of relationships, and how we try to make them better, but maybe learn something about who we are in the process. It's at times funny, but mostly appropriately sensitive and rueful about a lost friendship that could be rekindled. The writing is terrific, the cinematography is gorgeous and Wes Bentley and Amber Tamblyn shimmer in their roles. Believable but also magnetic. The other character, Barry, could have been softened in a lot of ways, but I find it really interesting that he wasn't. Can we be generous to the person whose dream changed along the way? Can we forgive the friend who broke our heart? This movie gives you a lot to think about. Watch it and then call an old friend. They want to hear from you too, I bet.

Reviewed by zif ofoz 4 / 10

Sort of a strange

Sort of a strange story about three friends, who haven't seen each other in a long time, meeting at the home of the one who has chosen to be a recluse way out in the desert. As the story progress you learn they shared an interest in breaking into the music industry as a 'band' - but it never came to pass - and all three friends have gone in separate directions.

Travis is the desert recluse, Anna and Barry have pursued professional lives and have joined the society as responsible members. Travis has a real problem with this. He rejected society for the solitude of the desert and his own thoughts. In my opinion Travis makes it clear that he was physically attracted to both Anna and Barry. Travis knows he cannot cross this barrier with either Barry or Anna. Barry and Anna had their own thing and Travis was always the third wheel.

So to sum up this rather forgettable movie - Travis instigated this reunion to tell his two friends (and in a very abstract psychotic way) that he is going to kill himself. What are the clues? 1. Travis takes them to that mystery cave. 2. Travis disappears one night. 3. Travis sends Barry & Anna off to go home in his truck, without Travis. 4. As the story ends Travis is seen going into the cave - now his crypt! The end.

This movie is only firing on 3 cylinders and never gets to the point.

Reviewed by guitarplayinglegend 3 / 10

If this teaches kids not to believe in themselves the movie might win.

It wasn't the acting that bothered me at all. I thought the acting was pretty good. The entire concept of this movie, the world we live in, and how it shatters our dreams is what tormented me about this film. I respected the work that went into it enough to finish watching but after I was done I felt like I needed to forget all about it and never watch it again. Why is that? There are people in this world who say they are going to do something and follow through with their actions. There are people in this world who try something a few times, then quit, and just let life take them as they drift away into a meaningless existence. I felt like this movie was trying to teach me to go drift away into a meaningless existence. It is a very depressing, cold hard dose of reality that shows us how most younger musicians view themselves today. They feel their talents aren't important enough to make a living out of it so they go end up doing some job that they hate and stay miserable. To sum it up take three former band mates, put them out in the middle of nowhere, and let them drink until they feel better about giving up on their instruments. I wasn't sold. By the end of the movie I wanted to go write myself a masterpiece and I was not going to let the movie defeat me.

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